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AGM Separator

International brand casting micro glass fiber products

Product introduction

AGM separator is one kind of environmental-protection material which is made from glass microfiber with diameter of 0.4-3um. It is white,innocuity, tastelessness and specially used in Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries(VRLA batteries).

It is highly porous ( 90-95%, @20kPa ) with uniform thickness and good tensile strength(MD&CD) that can absorb more acid and it has small pore sizes to maintain electrolyte levels in the battery. Additionally,it is highly resistant to battery acid, oxidation and heat, and can maintain its shape and strength after prolonged exposure of sever environmental conditions. Customized specifications are available.

Product use

  • 新葡京棋牌游戏

    AGM Separator For Valve Regulated Lead-acid Batteries

    Applications: Telecommunications, Cellular Phones, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Emergency Lighting, Power Tools, Automobile, Motorcycle, UPS (Large, Small), Load Leveling, Electric Vehicle, etc.



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