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Glass Microfiber Filter Media

International brand casting micro glass fiber products

Product introduction

Glass microfiber filter media are comprised primarily of glass microfibers and are produced with a wet laid process similar to that used for the production of paper.Our offers range from various ASHRAE grades (F6-F9),HEPA grades (H10-H14) to ULPA grades (U15-U16) with exceptional dust holding performance and providing the highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance to air flow.Our products are available in laminated form to help solve special air filtration requirements.

Product use

  • ASHRAE Grade(F6-F9)

    Ordinary air-conditioning system, gas turbine air intake, air compressor, tec 新葡萄京公司
  • HEPA grade(H10-H14)

    10,000to100,000grade cleaning rooms or working places, air exhaust equipment for nuclear, high-grade household vacuum cleaner, air purifier , masks , etc.
  • ULPA Grade(U15-U16)

    chip factories , 100,10even 1grade cleaning rooms, etc.



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