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Inorganic Spraying Fiberglass

International brand casting micro glass fiber products

Product introduction

Inorganic fiber coating materials are mainly composed of inorganic fibers and water-based adhesives. It is mixed with atomized water and sprayed onto the substrate through an air pump to form a coating. The coating can absorb sound, insulate and prevent fire.

Inorganic spraying fiberglass of Chongqing Zaisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is light, non-toxic and odorless, sound-absorbing, weatherproof, high-efficient adiabatic, refractory and reliable, can be applied to shaped structure. It can be applied to the flameproof protection of buildings and tunnels, is suitable for insulation and sound absorption of building as well as insulation and energy saving of mechanical equipment.


Product use

  • Building insulation

    It is widely used in the insulation of curtain wall, underground garage, equipment room, museum, workshop and so on. It is an ideal adiabatic insulation material for construction.
  • Ship use




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